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The Armenian Connection. Chapter 2: « Mr X », Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
As was announced in a previous report devoted to the Armenian network which operates stealthily within the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, we reveal today the identity of Mister “X”, the pivotal figure of the clandestine network. Mister “X” is the Latvian Nils Muižnieks, who for more than 5 years has been the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights and who was an employee for Georges Soros.
The Armenian Connection: How a secret caucus of MPs and NGOs, since 2012, created a network within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to hide violations of international law
For several years, a network of non-governmental organizations and its connections within the Council of Europe has led a merciless propaganda campaign against Azerbaijan to benefit Armenia. While no one assumes that Azerbaijan is a perfect and ideal State, it is clear that these unilateral and untruthful attacks are the tool of a hidden political agenda: to defend Armenia’s illegal occupation of Nagorny-Karabakh and to place the control of all Council of Europe activities in central and eastern Europe in the hands of a small clique that, despite appearances, hides its private interests behind the purview of the “defense of human rights.” In this first report, we will try to unveil the extent of these activities.
The Armenian Job
The role of the Armenian lobby in the pattern of enmity in South Caucasus.
The Armenian-Iran Relationship
Strategic implication for security in the South Caucasus Region.
Armenia: the Turkish deal of President Sarkissian
It took a bit less that three years for the wish expressed in 2006 by Serge Sarkissian, at the time Defence Minister of Armenia (...)
Arménie : la marche turque du Président Sarkissian
Il aura fallu un peu moins de trois ans pour que le souhait exprimé, en 2006, par Serge Sarkissian, à l’époque ministre arménien (...)
Central Asia: big Russian manoeuvres
Against a background of Russian-Western rivalries, struggles for influence to control the immense energy resources of Central Asia (...)
Aise centrale : les grandes manoeuvres russes
Sur fond de rivalités russo-occidentales, de luttes d’influences pour le contrôle des immenses ressources énergétiques de l'Asie centrale (...)
Arménie : le douloureux et difficile apprentissage de la démocratie
Le syndrome des révolutions de couleur dans le Caucase du sud et en Asie centrale serait-il contagieux ? (...)
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