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Tanzania/Kenya: New Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group "Al-Muhajiroun in East Africa" issues threat against western targets
In a statement, posted online on May 4, a recently created Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group named 'Al-Muhajiroun in East Africa' threatened to carry out attacks against western interests in the region, accusing UN forces of 'encouraging repressions against Muslims'. The group also threatened to carry out attacks against targets in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The latest statement, that was published the same day as when a Tanzanian convoy was attacked by ADF rebels in North Kivu province in Democratic Republic of Congo, raises concerns over the threat presented by the new Al-Qaeda offspring in East Africa.
What terrorist menace in East Africa?
The Black Continent, which has been a priori marginalised in world affairs, assumes a strategic interest in the matter of the struggle against terrorism (...)
Quelle menace terroriste en Afrique de l'Est ?
Le continent noir, a priori marginalisé du monde, revêt un intérêt stratégique en ce qui concerne la lutte contre le terrorisme (...)
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