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Russia: Islamic State vs Al Qaeda; Deepening crisis in Imarat Kavkaz contributes to the reinforcement of IS positions in post-Soviet space
The security developments of the past months in Northern Caucasus indicate two main trends: 1. The clear weakening of the positions of Al-Qaeda-linked Imarat Kavkaz and 2. The reinforcing positions of the Islamic State. Indeed, a recent string of counter-terrorism operations in Northern Caucasus, that resulted in the killing of numerous senior terrorist members of Imarat Kavkaz including the Emir Mukhammad, who succeeded Doku Umarov after his death, put the group in situation of harsh competition with the Islamic State who is increasing its presence in Russia.
Sochi: high threats but low risk
The security paradox of Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is obvious to any observer of the Russian scene and to every security analysts: the threat level is very high...
Sotchi : menaces élevées mais risques faibles
Le paradoxe sécuritaire des Jeux olympiques d’hiver à Sotchi est évident pour tout observateur de la scène russe et pour tout analyste de la sécurité : le niveau des menaces est très élevé ...
Central Asia: big Russian manoeuvres
Against a background of Russian-Western rivalries, struggles for influence to control the immense energy resources of Central Asia (...)
Aise centrale : les grandes manoeuvres russes
Sur fond de rivalités russo-occidentales, de luttes d’influences pour le contrôle des immenses ressources énergétiques de l'Asie centrale (...)
Georgia: assessment of a disastrous military adventure
On the evening of August 7, when the whole world was preparing to direct its attention to Beijing for the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games (...)
Géorgie : bilan d'une désastreuse aventure militaire
Le 7 août dernier au soir, alors que le monde entier s’apprêtait à tourner les yeux vers Pékin pour la cérémonie d’ouverture (...)
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: is it a paper tiger or the birth od a dragon?
It would appear that the annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (OCS) last year in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on August 16 (...)
L’Organisation de Coopération de Shanghai : tigre de papier ou naissance d’un dragon ?
Le sommet annuel de l’Organisation de Coopération de Shanghai - OCS - (Shanghai Cooperation Organization - SCO), le 16 août dernier à Bichkek au Kirghizstan (...)
Do recent changes in Russia's military machine spell the country's return as a major power ?
In the course of his annual three-hour televised encounter with his Russian compatriots on October 18, Vladimir Putin took his time dealing with questions of defence (...)
Evolution de l'outil militaire russe, un regain de puissance ?
Au cours de son rendez-vous télévisé annuel de trois heures avec les Russes, le 18 octobre dernier, Vladimir Poutine s’est attardé sur les questions de Défense (...)
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