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The Recent Iranian Terrorist Plots in Europe
Our Ceo Claude Moniquet analyses the current terrorist threat posed to Europe by the Iranian government.
Symbolic loss of Dabiq prompts adapted propaganda strategy for Islamic State
One of the greatest tools of the Islamic State (IS) is its propaganda machine. Since its creation, IS has mastered the art of communication, especially on social media, through video production, and by positioning itself to be found during internet searches. It has adopted a communication strategy that is calculated, planned, and powerful. This strategy allows IS to recruit, to inform, and also to terrorize its enemies by releasing videos of mass executions and decapitations. In recent months, the coalition forces have begun to systematically dismantle this machine, both in terms of personnel and electronic infrastructure, forcing IS to adapt and focus more on private electronic messaging and on quality over quantity of materials published.
Belgique : La Fusillade de Forest révèle l'existence d'un réseau en lien avec les attentats de Paris et noyau dur d'opérations terroristes
Au lendemain de la fusillade de Forest dans laquelle 4 policiers ont été blessés, un suspect a d’ores et déjà été identifié, tandis qu’au moins 2, sinon 3, sont toujours en fuite. Cette fusillade est depuis l’assaut donné sur l’appartement de Saint Denis du 18 Novembre, le premier incident impliquant l’utilisation d’armes à feu.
Sochi: high threats but low risk
The security paradox of Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is obvious to any observer of the Russian scene and to every security analysts: the threat level is very high...
Sotchi : menaces élevées mais risques faibles
Le paradoxe sécuritaire des Jeux olympiques d’hiver à Sotchi est évident pour tout observateur de la scène russe et pour tout analyste de la sécurité : le niveau des menaces est très élevé ...
Al Shabaab on Twitter. The use of internet by Jihadist organizations
At the beginning of February Somalia's Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab insurgents have returned to Twitter with a new account, after they were suspended because using twitter to post a photographs of a French they had killed. [...]
United States: change in the role of the CIA and of the Pentagon in the fight against terrorism
On 30 June, Leon Panetta left his post as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to become Secretary of Defense (...)
Etats-Unis : évolution du rôle de la CIA et du pentagone dans la lutte contre le terrorisme
Le 30 juin dernier, Leon Panetta quittait la direction de la Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) pour devenir secrétaire à la Défense (...)
The Polisario Front and the development of terrorism in the Sahel
For the past thirty-five years, the conflict surrounding the Western Sahara has disturbed North Africa and caused tension (...)
Le Front Polisario et le développement du terrorisme au Sahel
Depuis trente-cinq ans, le conflit autour du Sahara occidental agite l’Afrique du Nord et entretient les tensions (...)
At the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan: the grand game against terrorism
'It is a formidable challenge to turn the page in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. This can be achieved only through concerted national (...)
Aux confins du Pakistan et de l'Afghanistan : le grand jeu contre le terrorisme
« Tourner la page en Afghanistan et au Pakistan est un formidable défi. Cela ne pourra être réalisé qu’à travers une action (...)
Fort Hood rampage: 'The most destructive terrorist act committed on the American soil since 09.11'
Looking beyond the tragedy, the massacre at Fort Hood appears extremely interesting for any expert in terrorism (...)
La tuerie de Fort Hood : "L'acte terroriste le plus grave commis aux Etats-Unis depuis le 11 septembre 2001"
Au-delà de la tragédie, l’affaire de Fort Hood apparaîtra comme extrêmement intéressante à tout expert du terrorisme (...)
Binghamton slaughter: could it be an al-Qaeda linked attack?
At first sight, the Binghamton slaughter seemed to be a very “classical American tragedy" (...)
Hamas the armed wing of Iran
By winning the legislative elections of January 2006 and then taking control of the Gaza Strip during a bloody Putsch in June 2007 (...)
Le Hamas, bras armé de l'Iran
En remportant les élections législatives de janvier 2006 puis en s’emparant de la bande de Gaza lors du putsch sanglant de juin 2007 (...)
The terrorist threat resulting from the Gaza crisis and the security risk in the medium term
It seems obvious to us that Operation ‘Cast Lead,’ which risks causing a great many casualties in the days to come (...)
La menace terroriste découlant de la crise de Gaza et le risque sécuritaire à moyen terme
Il nous semble évident que l’opération « Plomb durci », dont le bilan humain risque fort de s’alourdir dans les jours à venir (...)
Gaza: the inevitable confrontation
More than a week after the start of Operation ‘Cast Lead,’ an unprecedented confrontation between Hamas and the State of Israel (...)
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