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Gun violence: As American as cherry pie?
Civilian firearms manufacturing, ownership and murder trends in context of the two deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. In the 1960’s, political activist H. Rap Brown described that violence “is as American as cherry pie”. This paper investigates the particularity of gun violence in the United States by consider-ing the prevalence of firearms laterally to an escalation in firearms murders. The preva-lence of firearms is assessed by considering trends in gun manufacturing and ownership. This examination takes place in the context of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history taking place in Las Vegas on 1 October 2017, and the deadliest church shooting in Texas on 5 November 2017, which illustrate a recent escalation in gun violence. This paper will also consider the political discussions following the shootings, which highlight political points of interests in current U.S. gun legislation. The shootings were utilized by both those opposing current legislation and those who support it, with new dimensions introduced to the debate including bipartisan concerns regarding the transformation of assault rifles into automatic weapons.
The Obama administration's reshuffle and centre of gravity in foreign policy
President Barack Obama’s second term in office, which will officially begin on 21 January 2013, offers him the unprecedented opportunity to reshuffle his team in charge of foreign policy and national security.
Remaniement et centre de gravité de l'administration en politique étrangère
Le second mandat du président Barack Obama, qui a officiellement débuté le 20 janvier 2013, lui offre une occasion sans précédent de remanier son équipe en charge de la politique étrangère et de sécurité nationale.
American presidential elections 2012: What would a second term in office of president Obama mean for foreign policy?
In American politics, a president’s second term is generally perceived as offering an opportunity to assert oneself in the domain of foreign policy and, thereby, to make one’s mark on history.
Presidentielle americaine 2012: Quelles perspectives pour un second mandat du president Obama en matiere de politique etrangere?
En politique américaine, le second mandat présidentiel est généralement perçu comme offrant à son titulaire une opportunité de s’affirmer dans le domaine de la politique étrangère et, par ce biais, d’entrer dans l’histoire. (...)
American presidential elections 2012: Mitt Romney’s foreign policy
Following the recent withdrawals from the Republican primaries of Messrs Gingrich and Paul, as well as his victory in Texas (...)
Présidentielle américaine 2012: la politique étrangère de Mitt Romney
Avec les récents retraits de MM. Gingrich et Paul de la primaire républicaine ainsi que sa victoire dans le Texas (...)
The American Presidential campaign, 2012: the Republicans and foreign policy
Though they are rarely decisive, questions relating to foreign policy and national security remain an essential element (...)
Présidentielle américaine 2012 : les Républicains et la politique étrangère
Si elles sont rarement décisives, les questions relatives à la politique étrangère et à la sécurité nationale (...)
United States: change in the role of the CIA and of the Pentagon in the fight against terrorism
On 30 June, Leon Panetta left his post as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to become Secretary of Defense (...)
Etats-Unis : évolution du rôle de la CIA et du pentagone dans la lutte contre le terrorisme
Le 30 juin dernier, Leon Panetta quittait la direction de la Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) pour devenir secrétaire à la Défense (...)
Barack Obama’s assertion as Commander-in-Chief
On 28 April, President Barack Obama announced the replacement of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (...)
L’affirmation de Barack Obama en tant que commandant en chef
Le 28 avril dernier, le président Barack Obama annonçait le remplacement du secrétaire à la Défense Robert Gates (...)
United States: the resignation of Dennis Blair and the shortcomings of the position of Director of Intelligence
On 21 May, Dennis C. Blair announced his resignation from the post of Director of National Intelligence (DNI)(...)
Etats-Unis : la démission de Dennis Blair et les carences de la fonction de directeur du renseignement
Le 21 mai dernier, Dennis C. Blair annonça sa démission du poste de directeur du renseignement national (...)
Fort Hood rampage: 'The most destructive terrorist act committed on the American soil since 09.11'
Looking beyond the tragedy, the massacre at Fort Hood appears extremely interesting for any expert in terrorism (...)
La tuerie de Fort Hood : "L'acte terroriste le plus grave commis aux Etats-Unis depuis le 11 septembre 2001"
Au-delà de la tragédie, l’affaire de Fort Hood apparaîtra comme extrêmement intéressante à tout expert du terrorisme (...)
Binghamton slaughter: could it be an al-Qaeda linked attack?
At first sight, the Binghamton slaughter seemed to be a very “classical American tragedy" (...)
Barack Obama and the temptation of politicising Intelligence
More than a month after having named the principal senior officials of his administration in charge of national security (...)
Barack Obama et la tentation de la politisation du renseignement
Plus d’un mois après avoir désigné les principaux cadres de son administration en charge de la sécurité nationale (...)
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